How to improve your interpersonal skills?

1 Put on a big, happy smile!

Maintain a cheerful and positive attitude. Greet your colleagues with a smile when you see them. This will make them feel that you are approachable and they will become more comfortable around you. As they say, a simple smile can brighten up a person’s day.

2 Show appreciation

Appreciate the hard work and efforts made by your team members. Say “thank you” and acknowledge the good work that they have done. Be generous with praises and kind words to your colleagues. Always point out the positive values.

3 Be considerate

Be aware of what is happening with your co-workers. Take note of birthdays and happy events in their life. Be sure to congratulate them. Also remember to show compassion and empathy when a colleague is going through a difficult time. Simple gestures show that you are concerned and you care about the people around you.

4 Settle disputes fittingly

When someone is being problematic, don’t bring it up in front of the whole office. Speak to him or her personally and explain to them why you disagree with their actions. The worst thing to do is to speak about it to other colleagues behind their back.

5 Promote togetherness

Create environments that are friendly and warm to encourage togetherness among co-workers. Treat everyone equally, and give everyone a chance to speak up in the office. Don’t play favourites or get into cliques.

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